Monday, January 3

Victim of My Own Discipline

Nu couché et homme jouant de la guitare 1970 Picasso (via National Picasso Museum)
With the Holidays comes plenty of spare time. Everything seems to slow down yet become harried. There are too many lists.

I never make anything of that luxurious free time and end up dispirited. The studio feels far away. I built a few canvases and swept the floor. I criticize myself for not using the time wisely and then forget to enjoy myself all the while. I am a victim of my own discipline.

But each year I vow to embrace the Holidays. To be unaccomplished in style. Ultimately I find I've saved something up and when I return to the studio, it's better. Until then, here are some links that become strangely revealing of my current mood:

- Finally saw the Picasso Exhibit at SAM. There are a vast amount of prints and lesser known work that seem only to tell a chronological story. Despite realizing that there are many other more interesting lesser known works out there, I did fall in love with the last painting (above) and ultimately Picasso.

- MoMa leading (or standing alone) in the change of museums.And maybe more related than you think: Writing a pop hit.

 - Before the New Year, NY Times featured their 10th Annual Year in Ideas issue. And also from the same issue: In Pursuit of the Perfect Brainstorm.

- What C-Monster is currently reading.

- And a great piece about Northwest artist, Jay Cunningham. "A victim of his own perfectionism".

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