Thursday, April 8

Jacqueline Humphries

Installation View of Jacqueline Humphries paintings (via Two Coats of Paint)
Would love to see these Jacqueline Humphries' pieces in person. Especially after reading the conversation between the artist and Cecily Brown (Thanks to Two Coats of Paint for something interesting like this).

Work of this scale or something requiring this kind of experience needs to be seen. Before ever seeing Cecily Brown's or Dana Schutz work in person I never could quite like it.I was fortunate enough to see a great show of Brown's at the MFA Boston years ago. And another of Schultz's at Brandeis.

Sometimes I think it's pretty amusing that I paint and photograph so figuratively but lately have been so attracted to completely abstract work. It's almost as if although I've been painting fingers, toes and kneecaps...but all I'm really thinking about is paint application, shapes or colors.

I think I need more good conversations about work like this


  1. cool site I just found like yesterday, funny enough:

  2. oh that's awesome, thanks, Ill check it out!