Friday, June 18

 Lots of changes for the better lately. Have been real busy but not social busy. Here's a mini-digest of sorts:

     Via C-Monster, Gary Turner's Mini-MoMa Gallery Wallpaper-like photographs. Neat!

    And, recommended by Kelsey (and PORT), is a great piece on PAM's Tina Olsen. A true bright spot for the museum. And speaking of museums: Regina Hackett has two great back to back pieces on SAM's hunt for a curator. One here. And the other.

    Two Coats of Paint defends artist's signing their art. I don't usually sign mine. It bothers me but I can't figure out why. A signature on other work never tends to bother me though...that is, unless the work is awful, in which case the artist's signature is almost like this ostentatious stamp. Maybe that's how I feel about my own. I don't want to stamp it until I'm confident it's worth declaring.

   Also, found via The Morning News: art of subtitles!

    I thought OpenWidePDX's photo essays of recent Portland exhibits is always a good way to see things you don't want to make the trip out to see. But one exhibit this month I would like to see is Bailey Winter's Ambush: The Story of the TDA.

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  1. The article about Tina Olsen was very interesting. Fresh thinking is always awesome.